Saturday, October 4, 2014

October Kanji

I'm aware that I'm using kanji to distract me from the shorter days.  There is less light, but Japan is here for me.  Learning to sleep later, to ride the wave of doing and being in one breath, to have a day off, and let it be and become.  I can study the figures, learn the sounds and meaning that go with them, learn the way they are drawn and how I draw them.  As in America, the art of handwriting is a dying one, computers use our fingers for other things, and Japanese children spend less time learning their kanji than they once did.  But as a foreigner in Japan, learning to sink into the diminishing hours of day,  I find kanji to be a resting point, a haven, a place not without meaning, and yet which has no meaning to me.  Something slowly coming into focus, coming out of the shadows that keep getting longer.

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