Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Job Well-Doing

I remembered my socks today, and arrived at Fukunari-sensei's door 20 minutes early to sit outside, cool off from the bike ride, and review the lesson for the day.  I had already done the next lesson in the book and recopied my essay work, reread my reading practice, and felt ready.  I hoped to prove my desire to be her student this week and walked away feeling much better than last week.  It isn't completely about learning Japanese, a large part of lesson preparation is respect.

She had graded my essay and I gave her my homework.  She praised me many times for all the good studying that I had done.  And now I'm left with a new source of motivation for next week.  To maintain this trend.  I have one year remaining in Japan and would like to be able to read the online children's newspaper with some ease by the end.  I expressed this to her today, because today was one of those days where we understood one another and I wanted to say all the things that I needed to say during the magic hour.  Of course she gave no direct answer, but to myself I say, maybe, maybe, if I just keep working.  There is no mastery, only mastering.

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