Thursday, October 23, 2014

Welcoming Evening

I think I got an invitation from Fukunari-sensei to go to Kyoto sometime to see the art museums with her and maybe her husband.  I'm always reticent about my understanding of things, but the idea of joining her for an excursion is truly exciting and so welcoming.

After my lesson I had an invitation to join some Japanese members of HPAC for a tempura dinner.  It was so delicious! I've had tempura at restaurants but to have fresh is amazing! Our host kept putting more things in the batter and oil--pumpkin, eggplant, corn, shrimp, fish cakes, camembert, mushrooms, mixed vegetables--I wondered what more could possibly be tempura-ed.  While we ate, they spoke in Japanese and his huge crystal clear television quietly played TV programs about food.  One program showed the harvesting and treatment of different rice farms around Japan and the price for 5 kilograms of rice from that farm (ranging from about $12 to over $100).  The next program was difficult to understand but showed a lot of delicious looking food.  There were many close-ups of the rice and glittering food and everyone exclaimed how delicious it looked, "Oishisou!"  And then we continued to eat the delicious food in front of us, spending three hours like it was nothing, our host going over to the stove, then sitting with us, then making some more.  I understood some and just enjoyed being there, like a kid, not too terribly responsible but very happy to be there.

And of course, going to a dinner somewhere necessitated bringing something.  So I tried something new I saw on the internet when I googled recipes for deviled eggs.

deviled eggs

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