Sunday, September 7, 2014

Smiley, Speedy, Service at the Asahi Bike Shop

I merely walked in the door of the Asahi bike shop and they knew who I was.  Smiling, one of the workers took my bike and told me to come back in thirty minutes.  When I returned it was ready and they asked me to take it for a spin around the lot to check the new gear shifter, smiling as I dismounted.  One more check through and it was done.  

They took my repair papers to the register- only 1130 yen, a little over ten dollars.  As I pulled out my money and looked at the repair papers on the desk, I noticed a note stuck to the front of them with bits in Japanese and this interspersed, written in English: "This is the bicycle shop."  "The part is here." "Please come anytime."  

I remembered my conversation last night, how at the end the woman had said in English, "Anytime."  Someone had prepared this speech before calling to help our communication, had written it on this paper on my behalf.  Or rather, on our behalves.  Or maybe rather, on behalf of good service.  Because it wasn't done in such a way that I would know about it, I'm left with pent-up gratitude that needs an outlet.  Japan is giving forward these days.  Should probably go with flow.  Regardless, thank you, Asahi.  Happy Bicycle to You, too.

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