Monday, September 1, 2014

Refrigerator Reflections

In many ways, the beginning of this third year feels like I've moved here for the first time.  Perhaps there is something catching about the enthusiasm of the new members, perhaps it is easier for me to be in Japan not having had a month of being home and still missing it.

This morning's shodo's class was cancelled and I had a rainy three hours to spend as I wished.  Not wanting to be over-productive, I decided to go through my bag of letters, maps, and memorabilia with the plan to update my refrigerator.  I put on Tom Waits's Rain Dogs to compliment the rain, and sifted through memories, deciding what should stick.  So much of moving forward is thinking about what memories I continue to carry.  Sometimes it's good to have an hour to reflect and sort, to pick what stays and to put others in a box, out of the spotlight for the time being.  What will be on my next refrigerator?

various things from Japan and before;
 memories, oddities, beauties

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