Saturday, September 6, 2014

Shorinji Outreach in Izushi

The day ended with me bravely returning a missed call from an unknown number.  (I choose the word "bravely"  but I often wonder if there is much difference between "brave," and "naïve.")  Regardless I managed to piece together context clues from my life to determine that it was the bike shop informing me that the part for my bike had arrived and that I could come at anytime to get it fixed.

Rainy rice fields, rivers, and mountains from a bus window, and an outreach concert in a temple this afternoon preceded my evening communication success.  Japan is such a beautiful place.

when we arrived there was tea and water waiting for us
 in the tatami room overlooking the Japanese garden

Keita and Toshiyuki 

dress rehearsal

view from the stage

Chihiro and my cello

a walk around the temple;
ice cream!

Chihiro and tampopo (dandelion)

on a hill near the temple

more exploring with the quartet

climbing up a little higher 

shrine at the top

bento lunch at the temple

waiting to perform

the concert
(no shoes)

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