Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dinner Music

We finished our weeklong chamber music project today with a performances of two Schubert pieces.  In the first half, several members played the Cello Quintet with Mr. Piovano and in the second half all the core string members played an orchestral version of the Death and the Maiden String Quartet.  It was a challenging program but beautiful to perform it together.

Afterwards a group of about 20 of us went to dinner and shared food and drinks together at a yakitori (grilled chicken) place.  We spent several hours sitting around the table together while the waiter brought more and more food, all seemingly prepared by one man behind the counter.  At one point Mr.Piovano started speaking about how lucky we are to always be surrounded by beautiful things in our lives.  He contrasted it with all the terrible violence that is happening in the world, people killing one another at such a young age; and always we musicians are surrounded by beautiful things, work to create beautiful things.  He seemed so content to be sitting at the table with us, to be sharing the evening with us, watching others talk to one another.

What does it take to find beauty in life?  Are there those that see it and those that go through life without it?  I've lived several ways in life, but always within such a narrow spectrum of privilege; I think I have no idea.  But to realize that where one is, right now, is really perfect, and searching for its beauty–perhaps it just takes looking to see it.  

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