Friday, September 5, 2014


Tonight was the official opening of the season.  It's so much fun to play with other people and for other people.  My last first opening festival concert.

This morning I took a train to a nearby town that is famous for its natural hot springs and onsen, Kinosaki. I didn't have time to actually go to an onsen, but I walked around the picturesque streets and climbed halfway up the green hill that overlooks the town.  The city is filled with water and it nourishes beautiful willows and moss and seems to cleanse the whole space.  Apparently it is incredibly picturesque in the winter, and fall, and spring, and also the summer.  Well, probably just about anytime.

wearing yukatas and walking from onsen to onsen

two HPAC friends that were on their way to onsen;
enjoying the hot springs drinking water, which was hot and salty

one of the onsen buildings 

inside the courtyard 

hot water coming up onto a rock near the center of town

ascending the hill
(in sandals and yukata)


view of Kinosaki

one tree-lined stream

and another

willows with carp

shoes waiting for bathers 

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