Thursday, March 6, 2014

World Without End

Another day in London.  It has become apparent that the world is larger than humanly possible.  A day of tubing through the Underground, of seeing friends, but never enough of them, of seeing posters and ads for musicals that will never be seen, places to travel that will only be imagined; the experiences of the world and the inability to take them all in has become an act of acceptance.   On our exhausted train ride back to Cambridge, Andrew asked me if there was  any place I'd like to try to visit in England before I left.  The possibility that somewhere in between concerts, and social obligations, and his own obligations with school that we might find time to travel to the coast or some other town for a day trip.  A walk along the coast would be lovely, but I think I will enjoy a walk along the River Cam, just as well.  

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