Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Children's Music

In Japan, the school year begins in April.  And to get them off to a good start, HPAC takes to the highway for an annual Children's Tour around this time.  We'll be bringing the youth of Hyogo a program of Star Wars, three arrangements of It's a Small World, Carmen Fantasy, and Hanamizuki for solo melodica and orchestra, as well as some Studio Ghibli hits and the indefatigable, Radetzky March. Our solo melodica player is a virtuoso model for the many children that will be bring their own melodicas to the concert.

After a week of heightened musical perception, it's funny to be flexing the same intent, even for It's a Small World.  And perhaps that's why it's important to keep practicing beyond what is needed and what is required:  it trickles into all the spaces and benefits even those who have yet to learn what they are perceiving.  Keep flowing little stream.  Over a rehearsal and through a GP to the open hearts of children.

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