Thursday, March 20, 2014

100 Yen Temptations

There are many temptations in the 100 yen store.  Things to make life better, more organized, more fashionable, a little cleaner, and glitter never hurts.  Every time I enter the shop for a practicality or necessity, I inevitably end up spending two or three times longer pondering the possibilities and curiosities that sit inside.  But tonight, I managed to walk down only two aisles.  One was for a specific obligatory item:  a notebook to replace one nearly full.  The other was a nonspecific obligatory item:  amusing stationary.  And then I walked out.  Past the smiling toys, the bags, the decorations, the stickers and office supplies.  Past the seasonal goods that give a glimpse into coming rituals and traditions.  Past many wonderful things that promise to make life better, 100 yen at a time.

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