Monday, March 31, 2014

Sides of Spring

Some pictures of the morning and of spring.

my balcony

entering Hana-no-michi (flower street) in Takarazuka
with Sensei (in pink) and Christy (in purple);
Christy and I asked Sensei to join us for lunch and she accepted.
She also bought us all treats:  strawberries surrounded by an (bean paste) and mochi.

Sensei (our shodo teacher) and Christy

Sensei knows a lot about flowers and shared many names with us as we slowly walked;
unfortunately I've forgotten them.  

After saying goodbye, I got on my bike thinking to freely spend my sunny afternoon at Nakayamadera looking at more Sakura (blossoms).  But along the way, I saw something else enticing:  a public library.

My card and the book I checked out.  

Spring indeed.

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