Monday, March 3, 2014

Hospitality in Cambridge

It can be hard to find a place to practice sometimes, but luckily some friends of Andrew's have offered free use of their private studio which is situated at the back of the garden of their home.  I spent the morning practicing there.

One of the hosts was gardening as I walked in and got his wife to come say hello.  They gave me the key to this garden spot, and turned on the heat, and offered their home (or garden) should I need to use the loo.

In the evening I enjoyed the hospitality of several friends of Andrew's from Cambridge.  It continues to impress me the amount of diversity that exists in England.  Of the group one was Polish, one of German and Indian descent but raised In England, one German, one South Korean but raised in England, two from Chile, and two were British.  We enjoyed a meal of vegetarian paella and meringue and then played a game of mafia together.  

And then a long dark walk home through the rainy streets of Cambridge on a path that I'm starting to know and own.

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