Wednesday, March 5, 2014

English Japanese

Just as in Japan, there is a pervasive courtesy to many social interactions, customs, and practices in England.  Perhaps it is simply my gratitude for any kindness expressed as I make my way through an unknown country. Perhaps it is the novelty of everything- its fresh green-that makes me look up at people and see them in such a kind light.

But I do think there is a consideration for others that is perhaps the result of an island culture constantly in contact with one another, unable to find much space and in need of certain rules to make things go more smoothly.  The tendency not to get too close to one another in conversation material or eye contact.  A softer tone of voice, a privacy in the midst of presence.  England is a Japan whose words I can understand.  I wonder if I will understand Japan in a new way after having been here.  

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