Monday, October 28, 2013

Utsunomiya Day Two (Hachimanyama Park and Jazz)

More adventures in Utsunomiya.  A morning walk to Hachimanyama koen, a huge beautiful park, an afternoon sound check and evening concert, and an evening excursion to hear some live jazz.  Utsunomiya is known for its gyoza and live jazz scene, but to us it is also known as the place where things are closed.  There was one jazz bar open on Monday evenings, and when we arrived they were taking a chotto yasumi.  Luckily they soon started to play again, and we were able to sit down and enjoy their music for a couple of hours.

the streets of Utsunomiya

walking along the river towards Hachimanyama koen

Einstein's Forest: Shades of the Past
on the door underneath: Homemade Hair
(This has sparked a lot of questions and curiosities for me concerning semantics.
What does this mean, or what is it meant to mean?  Hair like Einstein's?  Nostalgic Hair?  Hair like a Forest?)

One of the many shrines around the park

the tower which one can climb,
if it isn't Monday, the day when it is closed, which was today

The Adventure Bridge!

Adventure U!
(children's park in Hachimanyamakoen with Go-Cart track, also closed on Mondays)

Bernice and a Japanese child

rooster and guinea pig, best friends

kittens in the morning

Highbrow Imagine Indulz Dream (jazz club)

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