Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Long Day Before Another

Indeed the day was long.  Severals hours on a train, another performance and another several hours on the bus coming to Hiroshima where I'm on the 16th floor.  The hotel this morning surprised me with an English newspaper under my door (the Japan Times–whose motto is "All the News Without Fear or Favor– and The International Tribune) and breakfast was beautiful.

rice porridge, daikon, greens with chrysanthemum, konbu (seaweed),
salmon, miso soup, pickles, sour plum, egg roll, oden,
and a mystery in the left in a red bowl of slimy yellow stuff
(this happens a lot and it's actually pretty tasty)

We took the shinkansen through many fields and towns....

...and arrived at our destination.  We played a concert and our soloist surprised us with bentos for everyone which we enjoyed on the late-night bus.  It was a long day and people are starting to get a little tired but still happy.

Our maestro's dressing room door
We are in Hiroshima.  When my brother Ben came to Japan last summer, he took a solo trip to Hiroshima.  He figured out the trains, the hostel, the travel within the city, and a hike on the nearby island of Miyajima, all by himself.  His first time outside of America, he executed his plan on a small breakfast of oysters.  I'm channelling his sense of adventure and listening to the wide-eyed wonder he conveyed after this trip.  For you, Ben, an early morning to Miyajima comes.

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