Friday, October 25, 2013

The Glory of Shinkansen (and a HUGE breakfast)

Everyday on tour is long if you count the distance.  Today started in Tokyo and I'm now over 500 kilometers away in Morioka in northern Japan.  A colossal breakfast and a shinkansen powered me to get here.

Breakfast at the hotel;
the entire space behind that wall is a huge Vegas-like buffet with everything from pastries to eggs, salad, cereal, seaweed, soup and rice.  It's all there in the Japanese breakfast buffet.
Before boarding the shinkansen, I've always noticed the precision of the workers that clean the trains while we wait.  Today, one of the Japanese members of the orchestra made of point of telling us about the phenomenon of the Japanese shinkansen cleaners.  One person completes the task of cleaning a train car in 7 minutes.  It's an amazing feat to watch and afterwards they come off the train and bow to all the passengers waiting to board.

The shinkansen that we took from Tokyo had an additional surprise.  I've always been a fan of the Sky Mall but this was the first time that I encountered...

Yes, it's as good as it promises to be
Here are a few of my favorite pages....

yes, you can buy all the fish your heart desires

for those that can't get enough shinkansen paraphernalia:
cakes, socks, cups, a computer mouse, calendar......

staying warm in style

I welcome theories about what is happening in the lower left corner

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