Saturday, October 26, 2013

Akita (Autumn Rice Field)

My camera lost its lens cap but the pictures decided to load onto my computer.  I take no part in the anthropomorphized existence of my belongings.  The good news is that I have some pictures to share!

Empty seats with no one to sit in them
(one the way to Tokyo with Christy)

rain goes sideways on the shinkansen

the Rainbow Bridge (Tokyo)

trying to get pictures of the Rainbow Bridge

Bernice on Roger's shoulders to get picture of Rainbow Bridge

shinkansen (they mean business)

cleaning the pillars of the station

a job done well

only one of the many beautiful pictures from our shinkansen trip to Akita this morning

Fall in Akita 

outside the concert hall

Bernice and Christy in the fall leaves

a festive Japanese family who let us take their picture

sake at the after party this evening

the dining room

Christy and Bernice

Fanny and Yoori

Christy got the dancing and the good times started

Karaoke begins

our librarian organizing the Karaoke catalogue and song line-up

Sado-san sings

sneaking between sets for another sip

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