Saturday, October 19, 2013

Homecoming from Nagoya

Back from Nagoya and taking a breath between this warm-up excursion and our next 9-day tour of Japan.  It's always fun and tiring to go to a new place, and now we have four days to regroup before our next launch.

The time in Nagoya unfortunately did not include football or prom dresses.  This homecoming was for some of their alumni and was a big event, likely given the fact that Nagoya University is a fairly prestigious university in Japan.  Nobel Prize winners and Toyota CEOs are in their ranks.  In a used book sale that some of us traipsed into, we found many huge volumes in English on molecular biology, genetics, chemistry and the like.  Japanese-English dictionaries of technical scientific terminology, art books of Asian artifacts, and many books of mystery.

We also went out to dinner for some regional fried chicken.  I enjoyed a slightly different menu that included a regional miso sauce over eggplant.  It's one thing to count on in Japan, that there will be regional food to explore.

Nagoya University Campus
(green pastures and bikes must be a universal part of academia)
Nagoya Teppanyaki (fried chicken, a specialty here)

Christy and Teppanyaki

chopstick holders (or modern art?)
(fun with chopstick holder games at dinner)

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