Sunday, June 28, 2015

Yay America!!!

Like so many Americans, I was thrilled to hear the news of the recent ruling by the Supreme Court allowing people of the same sex to marry.  It's only been two days and yet it seems amazing that there was ever a time when that right didn't exist.  I read the report of the court (not the dissenting opinions, however) and was reminded of a long history of rights of marriage.  From coverture (a word I thankfully didn't even know) to interracial marriage, to rights of prisoners to marry. And a history of gay rights as well.  We have come so far.

And it is amazing that most of us today don't even know how far we've come.  We take for granted so many of the rights that we have.  And now we can start to take for granted the right to marry anyone that we love.  Suddenly this is no longer a outlier, gay married couples are now a part of the norm.  The world just opened a little more.

And how beautiful.  But again, we forget, or are completely ignorant of how far we've come.  I don't think I have any idea how privileged I am as a woman in this time, how lucky I am to have the education and the sense of self that I have.  In the same vein, I find it incredible to believe that there was ever a time when African Americans couldn't vote.  It wasn't my time.  I've taken these things for granted.

And now this.  But as we begin to envelope it within the norm, that feeling of satisfaction and joy at the change will hopefully be more than just that.  It's not simply that we won this.  It's also a reminder that change is possible.  It's wonderful that we have moved in this direction, but there is still so much more that needs to be done.  There is still discrimination against gay people, and there are still racial issues that need to be addressed.  But this ruling helps build the belief that it is possible to bring about a change.  History as well, shows us this.  We can't stop here.  May the celebrating carry forward and fuel the work towards future victories.

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