Monday, June 15, 2015

Return of Mr.Thornton

There is definitely a different styling of playing between Europe and America and this week we have our first (and only one since I've been at HPAC) America cello principal, a cellist in the Cleveland Orchestra.  It is always a pleasure to have Brian lead the section, to have a familiar style in a country that leans towards the European tradition.  And just like it is always a little funny to go home after being in Japan for awhile, it feels a little funny to sit next to a professional America player again.  I've learned a lot from the European tradition here.  It seems much more about singing out with your individual voice than trying to blend and play as a unit with others.  There is certainly a balance.  But to be reminded of how much listening and adapting goes on for an American orchestral musician is a cool thing.  I feel like I have to have my antennas super attuned to what he is doing and to what he is listening.  I'm hoping I can find a better sense in this next week.  I think there is a whole world to learn from him.

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