Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mysterious Malady

There was something in the HPAC hall today that seemed to place a hoax upon our performance.  And it wasn't too much air conditioning.  Perhaps it was that the singers were finally singing full volume and that somehow effected the reliability of there tempi and entrances.  Maybe it was the day off which made us forget how the opera was supposed to sound.  Maybe the heat and humidity of 2,000 bodies skewed the timing and pitch mechanisms in our brains.  Maybe it was the distraction of the over-the-top costumes that we hadn't seen before.  But there was something that persisted in making many small things very unsettling.  No one person was any more to blame than another.  It was hard to pin down the weakness in our concentration.

Regardless, it was a very successful performance with a very happy audience.  There were many close calls, but no show-stopping failures and in that regard it was an even greater success.  We won!  Hopefully tomorrow whatever bug it was in the air will be swept away and we will be ready to embrace the performance even more fully.

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