Monday, June 1, 2015

Maestro Inoue Returns

Maestro Inoue arrived today to work with us on Marriage of Figaro.  He explained (as many of us knew) that in the last year he had been ill and lost his voice and that he wouldn't be able to speak as loudly and would be chewing gum during the rehearsal for his health.  None of this seems to have affected his demeanor from the last time we saw him.  If his voice is any quieter it is hardly detectable for the incredible energy he emits.  And the gum-chewing only adds to his deadpan humor. He conducts with his whole body, his feet, his chest, his head.  He gestures what he wants in dance-like moves and uses colorful imagery to evoke very specific character ideas.  Everything is extreme and vivid and most of it is communicated in a very metaphoric or evocative manner.  It's always a pleasure to work with such a unique conductor.  There are very few like him.  And I'm glad, as are well all, that he is better and able to share his time with us.

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