Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Making a Dental Appointment

When I leave Japan, I will be faced with a gap in health care.  I'm not really sure how to sew together coverage in America yet, though I'm sure it will happen.  In preparation for the uncertainty I'm trying to get updated on my health appointments and for several weeks I've been carrying the number and the to-do list item of calling to make a dental appointment.  No longer!  It took less than five minutes thanks to the incredibly sweet-sounding receptionist that starting to speak slowly and gently when she heard my broken Japanese.  Such a bandaid to pull just to do the simplest things.  Hopefully when I move back to the States I will enjoy the ease of using my native language in exchange for the bureaucracy of getting coverage.  I'll be a fully communicating adult and will likely miss the gentle conversations of considerate Japanese receptionists.

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