Friday, February 20, 2015

Stage Space

Another day of news and more topics of sensitivity.  I'm grateful for all the people who dedicate their lives to righting some of the many injustices in the world.  And after today, I'm also grateful that I live a life that is so relatively free.  It was such a pleasure to listen to the sounds of the orchestra pull out the different dramas of three pieces today.  To sit on a stage, in peace, with my fellow musicians and have a unified focus to create something beautiful, something terrifying, something ardent.  What a privilege to be able to do such a thing, especially when others in the world cannot imagine such a life.   When I was a bit younger, I remember that I and the musicians around me might sometimes think about how we should be dedicating our lives to more useful things–curing diseases, fighting injustices, or at least making money.   But I think that music, and art in general, is very important.  It reminds us of our humanity, the thing we are trying to save and improve upon.  Again, I'm grateful that the stage exists, that there is this space in the world.

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