Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Quartet Engines

It was another day of striving for perfection, only this time with three other people.  It is difficult to get a brush to find its journey at given second, but to create and listen at the same time and be left with no traces of what just happened save for one's memory requires another set of skills.  Or perhaps fine-honing the same skills.  Maybe rehearsing quartet is like doing shodo blindfolded.  Unless one records it, there is no way to see a definitive result.  And then to do it with three other people, and to try to communicate in second languages about what we all think is happening; it's a pretty incredible feat.  But there were moments today when things really felt together.  It made the other 90 percent feel a lot messier.  But it's progress.  It takes a lot for a quartet to find a breath together, but it's an incredible thing when it happens.  So we'll keep working, keep trying to understand one another more closely, and grow something that is more than our powers combined.

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