Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Beckett in Japan

There were no cars, no bikes, no postal service mopeds parked outside of the post office this afternoon.  Not a good sign.  But it was a weekday, about 2pm, not even in danger of being a Monday (or Tuesday or Friday) holiday.  Perhaps business was just slow.  As I approached the outer automatic door, I was relieved that it opened and let me into the antechamber with the ATM.  And then I saw a decisively not-open post office to my right.  In front of this interior door was a dry eraser black board with the business times posted (9-4, and on other days 9-5, the same as posted on the outside of the building).  And on top of this easel was taped a laminated white sign written in Japanese.

Luckily enough, I was able to read the entirety of this extra sign.  It literally said, "When it becomes time, an employee will open the door.  Until then, please wait."

Despite understanding the Japanese on this sign, I was left with no information to help guide my next action.  Why was no one there, now?  Are there siestas in Japan?  And when would they return?

I considered taking part in this absurd play, but eventually decided against it.  I left, noting that Godot was not around on (this) Wednesday at 2pm.  I'll go back tomorrow and see if he's showed up. Somethings are not mine to be understood.

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