Saturday, May 30, 2015

Seeing Fukunari-sensei Again

Yesterday I returned to Fukunari-sensei.  She was the same as before but with a broken wrist.  But she was just as sweet, just as eager to teach, grabbing the pen with her left hand.  It is such a pleasure to be in her presence.  I wish there were some way that I could bottle it up and take it with me.  And the way that she moved and tried to get through more material seemed to suggest that she too was aware of the passing time that we have.  I wrote in my short essay that I had gone to see Arches National Park in America.  When she read that there were red rocks in the shapes of arches she seemed confused.  I showed her a brochure that I'd brought and she couldn't believe it.  She'd never seen anything like it.  She's never been to America.  But there is a possibility that she will visit next year with her friend, maybe even to where I'll be living.  How wonderful to be able to see her again, to see someone so familiar from a different side of "home."

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