Saturday, May 23, 2015

Peace Out

After about two years, I met Tanaka-san on the bike path again.  The last time he caught up to me I naively acquiesced to give him my email address and we had a few exchanges since.  The first one was quite direct in his intentions but after telling him that I had a boyfriend and would not meet him again, the messages came sporadically about four times a year, mostly writing about the changing of the seasons or going to the shrine with his wife for New Year's.  Recently he had written with a request for help on a translation for his business.

Oh Tanaka-san.  How I wish that giving someone the benefit of the doubt were the way to go.  Perhaps sometimes it is.  But this will be the last meeting.  Harmless, but not enjoyable.  Goodbye Tanaka-san, and thank you for making it so easy.

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  1. I sense a lost in translation moment here. Sorry you had to go through that.