Saturday, May 16, 2015


There was a moment in today's concert when Sir Neville Marriner's razor sharp focus seemed to be slightly diminished.  It was still more than needed, but slightly less than it had been all week, just a few tempi that were slower than expected.  Seeing him slightly less for a very short period made me remember that he is human and that perhaps he has struggles and difficulties hidden to us, like so many of us do.  We all carry so much with us, physical pain, emotional pain, worries, memories, but we keep going.  And this man that seems invincible is actually just like us.  He just continues to try, to take risks as we all do.  It was good to have the reminder, to see him continue on in the face of difficulty.  It was something not shown in his face or any part of him in anyway; in his person there was no change, only trying.

And the entire concert was thrilling.  The audience was so ecstatic to see him and it is so much fun to play with him and the orchestra.  It's been a wonderful week.  One more concert to go.

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