Thursday, May 7, 2015

Opening Transition

This is a time of straddling two, if not three worlds.  Certainly the one in which I currently live, also the one to which I'll be going, but also the past which seems to hang over the two, defining them, encouraging them.  What can I do with what came before?  What am I doing now, what am I planning with what has been given to me and what I've learned?  There is excitement and perhaps a small amount of healthy anxiety, something to give a fervency to the endeavor.  What matters in my life?  Am I living that and am I poised to live it beyond?  These times of transition can be wonderful times to reflect on this, periods of chaotic decompression where possibility lives.  And it can be a challenge to swim in the possibility, a space without definition, uncertain and insecure.  So for the next few months, I will try to find comfort in this place that has none of the elements of comfort contained within it.  Living in the stirred dwellings of beginning.

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