Sunday, July 6, 2014

World Cup in Takarazuka

We are in the throws (or kicks) of the World Cup and tonight HPAC had a scrimmage at a nearby sports center. We had three teams–Paper, Rock and Scissors (another of life's universals)–which took turns at 7 minute games.  It was my first time kicking a ball and my first time playing a team sport of any kind.  Throughout the evening I learned which goal was mine, how one knows who gets to kick a foul ball back in to the field, and that passing is a good strategy, especially when there is no one to receive the ball in the direction that I kick it.  I was guided by the words, "Kochi!  Kochi!" (Here!  Here!) helping me know where to go.  Everyone was very nice and encouraging.  A very gentle introduction into something I've been afraid to try my whole life.  Thank you, Japan.


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