Saturday, July 12, 2014

Reduced Price Debts

There was very little time before the grocery would close.  I had no yogurt, nor bananas, and most terrifyingly, no kinako for my breakfast tomorrow morning.  It would have been so easy to bike straight there, but how could I show my face without the coupon the kind cashier gave to me a week ago.  The coupon she gave to me after secretly gifting me a 10% discount without one.  The was no answer other than to bike as fast as possible, to go home first to retrieve the coupon so that I could present it to her out of gratitude for the giving.  If I were to find myself in her lane and be asked once again if I had a coupon and have to shake my head, "no," and leave to her to decide if she had more benevolence to would have been to much to ask of both of our hearts.

Luckily, I made it.  And luckily my favorite yogurt was one sale and there was a discount vegetable stand in front.  Luckily, I am well-supplied in food for the coming days and a fresh coupon for next weekend.  And ironically, because I came so close to close, she had left her cashier's post to fulfill other duties.  Our eyes didn't even meet this evening, though I saw her putting away the produce as I left.   And yet I've been so touched by her.

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