Saturday, July 26, 2014

Japanese Wedding Dinner

Many ways to get married.  Tonight I joined some HPAC friends for a Japanese wedding dinner.  The bride and groom had their small formal wedding about two months ago and this was the dinner party. The came in and proceeded through the seated tables, bowing as they entered, and finding their way to the head table where they sat alone together.  She wore her wedding dress and throughout the dinner on a screen in front, they played snippets of the wedding and showed pictures of the bride and groom growing up and their life together.   It is customary to pay a fee for for these dinners, for which one gets food, drink, and games (in this case, bingo) with prizes (some being vouchers for air travel and signed towels from Sado-san).  The food was amazing and it was fun to experience a new way to celebrate the beginning of a life together.  

Wedding dinner at the French restaurant, iGrek in Kobe.
Core members of HPAC are gathered around the bride and groom.  

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