Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Perhaps because it is an easy and neutral thing to talk about, everyone talks about the weather.  Accordingly, it's usually it's hot or cold in Japan.  Even on the most temperate and mild days, it has to fall one way or the other to make its way into a conversation.

But these days, it is indeed hot and humid.  And everyone is very excited about the huge typhoon that is supposed to hit tomorrow and Friday.  As simple a thing as it is, the weather is pretty incredible.  I could believe that it would keep on going, unending, as it is today.  How incredible that in a few hours we will be inundated with water.  Could it really be true?  And that in a few months I'll once again wish to wear a sweater.  It's unbelievable.  Because right now it is the Japanese summer that the Japanese always speak of with a touch of pride and discomfort.  We're in it together.  Spinning through the days and the seasons, weather changes and who knows what's to come.  But for now, I live in the Japanese summer with millions of other Japanese people.  

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