Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Sometimes we become so accustomed to doing the things that we do that we stop realizing how incredible they are.  I remember my aunt, a director, telling dancers to smile when they jump in the air. "Most people can only dream of being able to do that," she said.

Today I heard a trumpet player play the opening of Mahler 5 and remembered how incredible a thing it is that I'm able to do.  I wonder how much I take it for granted, being able to play in an orchestra.  Being able to play music.

And today I saw my Madison Tae Kwon Do class online, and rode my bike in the snow, and shared a lesson with Fukunari-sensei, and ate chocolate desserts for a Valentine's Day tea with some of my Japanese friends.

Is it harder to see the possibilities and the miracles of life, or to be blind to them?  There are days when the snow falls so hard that it is difficult to see the beauty of the surrounding fields that it covers.  It makes us go faster, get there sooner.  Is life easier when we can't see what we are missing?

Today is an opportunity to be explicit about appreciation.  Whether it is for another person or people, for an aspect of our lives, for a moment or feeling.  There are many things to appreciate.

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