Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Day in Cambridge

This morning I took a walk through the fens, a green pasture area with creeks and bike paths.  A bridge was undergoing maintanence and I had to asked an older gentlemen how to get to Chaucer Road.  "Ah Chaucer road, well yes you see unfortunately that's the way you would go, but I would suggest, I would suggest....," and then he continued in his soft British accent to give me directions of the roads and paths, the forkings and turns that I would need to take to get to Chaucer Road.  I continued along his perfect directions and jogged to my destination to make up time for the diversion (detour).  In my jet lagged state I had scheduled my appointment for a day later, and so found myself with a free morning.  I walked into town, stopping in churches and college gardens, looking into shoppes, and headed down Jesus Lane toward Jesus College in Cambridge.  I got stuck in its gardens and lawns and every path seemed only to lead to a locked gate, a garden shed, a bordering wall.  The gates finally opened when a helpful woman used her badge to electronically unlock them.  I headed back through town and rested for some lunch.

In the afternoon I came back to the apartment where I'm staying to rest and practice.  I sat and watched the sky for an hour as it shifted from one weather front to another, the rain clouds sweeping in, clearing away to sun.  The little back yards of these English row houses and the open field beyond them seem made for open skies of godlike proportions.  

In the evening we went to a pub and learned about white beets and cumin as a pizza seasoning and fish seasoned with fennel.  Our dishes were garnished with water cress.  

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