Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cold Winter Ports

Every time I fly from the Kansai airport or return through it, I have to take a bus that travels through several miles of industrial harbor along the ports of Osaka.  It is a part of the world to which I have no relation–it seems untouchable, incomprehensible, though likely it is responsible for much of the conveniences in my life.

Today we ventured to the harbor in hopes of riding the giant ferris wheel that always greets me on my returns.  And yet as slowly as ferris wheels move, it was most certainly stopped.  We sat down in a nearby restaurant for some udon and asked the waitress what was happening with it.  Maintenance.  It was taking a break from January to April.  I suppose it's fair.  We all need a break sometimes.  We walked along the water for a bit to justify the trip, viewing cranes, boats and the making of the modern world from the underbelly.  

a beautiful day for a ferris wheel

mermaid and the Japan Coast Guard

looking away
We ventured back to the middle of Osaka and braved the crowds and consumerism of Shinsaibashi, likely brought through the channels we had just visited.  We found refuge in a small coffee shop and then a tea shop where the rush of the river of people outside seemed to pool in a calm remembrance of another way of living.  

The warm promise of spring has been rescinded for a bit.  The wind has picked up and our hands were happy to come home to warm soup and tea.  Winter still has a few more comforts to come.  

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