Friday, December 20, 2013

Pre-Christmas in America

We played at a retirement home this afternoon for a room of green and red-clad elderly people, all very thankful and appreciative for our coming.  It is so nice to hear "Thank you, we really enjoyed your playing," spoken in a language and in a manner that I have known for years.  After our program we invited everyone to one to sing a few Christmas carols with us.  In sunny San Diego, two years away from my family during this December time, it felt good to spend this afternoon in the midst of their anticipation of the Christmas.

Later in the evening we joined some friends for dinner at a lesbian bar and restaurant, jay walking with the group through Don't Walk signs as one does in America.  It was funny to feel a bit of culture shock in my own country.  Or perhaps it is just the jet lag asking for an early bedtime.  Tomorrow, another concert.  

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