Saturday, December 21, 2013

Concert and Culture

We had a concert today at San Diego State University in which we played a Beethoven sonata and sonatas by Prokofiev and Britten.  An African American Reverend whom Andrew knew through a friend came with some of his family who had just flown in from Baton Rouge.  After every piece he cheered with the full enthusiasm of one who has uplifted a community weekly for years.  I may hire him to attend all my future performances.  

After the concert we all dined together at D.Z. Akin's deli where I enjoyed latkes and others had matzo ball soup.  The waiters wore shirts that said, "oy veh," on them.  And then Andrew and I went downtown for a live production of the Nutcracker with a live orchestra, where people cheered out loud for the dancers, but got up quickly after a few minutes of applause, a different showing of appreciation from Japan.  We walked around the trendy parts of San Diego afterwards, watching people navigate in incredible high heels and imaginative holiday outfits.  So many ethnic restaurants, hip lighting at all the bars, the cool but pleasant air of San Diego welcome on our skin.  So many cultures here.

Tomorrow to San Francisco.  

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