Monday, September 30, 2013

Quiet Crows

It was a quiet day in the Danchi, my home sweet home.  The silence of the crows awoke me this morning, this fifth Monday of the month, one of the few days when the sanitation workers take a holiday and have no obligation to pick up our various unwanted items.  Tomorrow I can be assured a more restful sleep accompanied by the cawing of useful and delicious finds and the sweet chiming melody of garbage trucks as they come for the final rounds.

I wonder how well the crows and sanitation workers know one another.  I can only glean an understanding of the desires and defenses that each must exercise towards their respective goals.  Beaks to netting, careful timing, diligent observation.  If only I had another life in Japan to watch such things, but alas, it must seep through the cracks of my being here.

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