Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Personal Space

When I'm at the river, when I'm on my bike, people come so close to me.  They know I'm there but it's as though it doesn't matter.  I know you see me.  And I see you.  But we don't look at one another.  How does it work?

Today I was lying on my stomach in the grass doing lower back lifts for Tae Kwon Do and a huge van drove right up next to me, with another right behind.  A bunch of the workers got out, took out a tarp and started to set up a lunch picnic in the shade of the tree 20 feet away, right by my parked bike and backpack.  Rather than throw puches and kihop at them I just got on my biked and went down the river for another spot.  Not once did they acknowledge that I was in that space and that they stepped into it.  Maybe they expected me to simply continue.  Maybe that's just the way people understand the space around them.  Perhaps I should be more comfortable with the closeness.  Maybe in the future.

But as for this afternoon, I was looking for larger pastures.  And there are plenty.

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