Thursday, August 1, 2013

Delicious Daily Gifts

Japan is a steady stream of gift sweets.  Two days ago I went for a bow rehair and left with three small rabbit shaped cakes from a nearby prefecture as a gift from the shop owner.  Yesterday was a lesson with Fukunari-sensei and it goes without saying that there would be a fine sweet, this time of a kinako variety.  Today the librarian walked briskly up to me, arm outstretched offering a frozen cheese cake delight.  All are beautifully and individually wrapped and shrouded in Japanese ritualistic mystery.

I go to America in a few days and would love to acquire some gift response to quickly remove the gifted onus, but there's nothing like it.  A handful of Reese's?  While few would say no, it doesn't quite have the same appeal.  Beef jerky?   I suppose I will just have to bear the burden of daily acquiring more delicious gift karma.  What will it be tomorrow?  From where will it come?

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