Saturday, August 17, 2013

Being here briefly

My family has a way of being and I'm only just stopping through.  They have a practice with one another, a sequence that is connected to before and will continue after I leave.  My brother got married, my grandfather will need more care, my friends will have weddings, life goes on, grows and changes without me.  People know one another in a day-to-day sort of way that I can only observe. This is a brief window that I can share with the people of my life, and it feels quite transitory.  I cannot quite cling to the joys and fears that everyone here will continue to have after I go.  I'll be going back to my own transitory existence in Japan and only hearing about it through emails, seeing faces on Skype, being disconnected from the weight and lightness of being that comes with sharing difficult and beautiful life experiences with other people.  

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