Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cybele at Seasons 52

Last fall in Japan I received a very surprise CD album in the mail from a girl I had sung with in choir during junior high and high school.  She had self-produced this album of her original songs, and I had had the fortune of being in town, in Cincinnati, long enough one day two years earlier to play on a single track.  She had said she'd send me a copy but somehow I didn't still expect that offerings to follow me across the Pacific Ocean.  Despite our limited contact we started a short pen pal relationship and I learned that she was recently married and expecting a little girl in March.  

Tonight, after a casual Facebook mention that she was playing regularly at a place near my parents' home, I went to hear her sing.  As with the album appearing at my door in Japan, I wonder how much she really expected me to arrive, such acquaintances as we are.  She gave us a coupon for a free appetizer and dedicated her performance of a song to me being home.  She seems like a very generous and sincere person, doing as she says she will do, paying for an unexpected CD package to Japan, taking the time to write a letter to someone she just barely knew in high school, caring for her passion and her family.  I wonder who she was in high school, in junior high.  I don't remember her then. But maybe it's never too late to meet someone again.  

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