Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A day in Cincinnati

My brother left for med school this morning, students at my father's school returned after their summer break while he enjoyed his first day of retirement, it is my parents anniversary (they think their 36th) and my grandfather is moving from the hospital to an assisted nursing facility.  The weather was beautiful and my mother, Andrew and I headed downtown to the newly developed river banks.  We swang on a three person swing overlooking the river, visited the Underground Freedom Center, talked about what it is to be free, ate Skyline Chili, walked through Washington Park and the new SCPA and drove through more of Cincinnati.  I lost my cell phone after listening to a message from my high school cello teacher, left on the table at a Cincinnati chili establishment, all my American phone numbers disappearing into the past.  Today came after yesterday and before tomorrow.  My brother and my mother are building a fire in the back for s'mores, the Reds are on the TV.  That's where things are in Cincinnati.  

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