Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Looking into a Wedding

The better part of the day was spent rehearsing for Sunday's wedding.  Or perhaps more accurately, talking about every detail of the wedding.  The place settings, decorations, arrival times for each person, photo shoots, lighting, transportation of all the needed goods.  My brother and his fiance are have a very small wedding, but it occupies a very large part of everyone's minds.  It is the common goal towards which all are working.

Coming into it at this very late time of the planning process, I have little responsibility to foresee all the logistical issues that need to be ironed out before they happen. I merely have to concern myself with looking after her dress and veil, which causes enough stress in itself.  I can pretend that I'm still in Japan where I understand so little that I'm only able to play the part of the child, letting others make the plans and decisions and tell me what to do.  Perhaps in the next few days that will change.  Perhaps I'll re-grow-up in America.  It's a funny thing to step in to others' lives at these junctures, to be so distant from the context of the events.  But I think it's the nature of things during this period in life.  One day, I will be more fully living wherever am I.  For now, a step removed.

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