Thursday, June 19, 2014

Last Night for Eunjung's Family

It is the last night for Eunjung's mother and brother.  Tomorrow they will return to Korea.  To celebrate their visit, we went to a restaurant on the river and walked around the riverfront.  In the last few years, Cincinnati has seen a lot of new growth.  There are lit fountains, and swings, a new stadium, and the buildings on the surrounding hills make the skyline twinkle even more.  The suspension bridge over the river sings with every car that crosses it.  As we walked through the new development, Eunjung's mother and brother took pictures of all the lights and water dancing in the night.  It's a beautiful city and my home.  They were here for a such a short time, but I hope that they take with them good impressions of America and my hometown.  And I hope that they return.  Our families are now connected in a new way, across a very large distance.  The world is getting smaller and smaller.

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