Monday, November 4, 2013

Shodo Concert

A year ago my friend Christy told me she was looking into taking shodo, the way of artistic writing.  She found a teacher and paved the way for several HPAC members to join her.  As I've started to learn kanji, the written characters which carry so much meaning in their symbols, I've become more interested in their form, the energy with which they are written, the way they fall on the page.  I've become curious about the art of writing them and am going to try my first class next week.

The class is having an exhibit now in the same space where I take my Japanese lessons.  I was able to meet the teacher yesterday when I had my lesson with Kaneko-san and attended a concert and open event for the exhibit today.  It is always a pleasure to hear my friends play and to see something in which they have invested their time.  An opening of selves.

Christy, Rena, and Sergey

in the gallery

Sensei in the background in a white kimono

the whole class with Sensei and HPAC members

the audience all helped put away their own chairs

Bernice and her work

Christy and the joy of shodo

Sergey with his girlfriend and his composition


Christy and Sensei with her work

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