Sunday, December 14, 2014

From Tomorrow to Today (and Tomorrow to Yesterday)

Today was spent preparing for returning home tomorrow.  I've shortened a long list of things to do, added others that were never written, and crossed them off for the sake of doing-things-efficacy.  I missed the chore of practicing, such a calming, energizing, focusing energy.  But in a day or two that will return.

In the course of doing some of my other things-to-do I realized that I had misread the required excerpts on an audition list and needed to print them before I left.  Alas, I don't have a printer and turned to the all-powerful conbeni store to help.  One of the online angels of living in Japan had catalogued all the features of printing and copying services available at different chains of convenient stores, including language options for each.  And from this, I learned that it would be possible to take a USB storage device to the newly opened 7-11 a block away and print the music.  Of course the successful end of this story could not have been reached without several well-meaning but confused Japanese convenient store clerks and one mystical gentlemen who spoke English and happened to be using the ATM at the same moment I needed his help.  And now, a few stops later, I have the music thanks to the endless convenience of the Japanese conbeni.

And so tomorrow I depart for America.  I've completed my shopping, cooked the potatoes, broccoli, carrot, and tomatoes in a stew to freeze, gathered and organized most of my music, have my e-ticket and passport and a few dollars, and just have to get up to catch the bus in the morning.  On to a day of travel to the land of yesterday.

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